So which garage door opener is the best? It depends on the model, but most garage door openers last between 10 to 15 years before you need a new one. You want to get one that fits your own situation, and it fits with the garage door that you own. Let’s say that you have an older model. You may want to upgrade to a newer model if it starts to give you problems because of how it will include more safety features.

The Key Components

You mainly have two types of components that you need to consider with a garage door opener. First, you have the drive type, and second, you have the motor type. The drive type explains how the garage door travels along the glider as it opens. The guide rail acts as the rail above the center where it connects to your opener. Your guide consists of a chain, a screw or a belt that moves with the trolley for opening and closing the door.

Next, let’s look at the motor type. You have two basic motor types such as AC and DC power. DC motor types have conquered the industry as the standard. You have a couple of reasons for this. People choose DC motor types because they run quieter, are smaller and they weigh less. In the past, they designed AC motor types to use AC power, but advancements in technology and manufacturers have found a way to make stronger, better and smaller designs through the DC motor, which is why they gained popularity.

Why You May Want a DC Motor Type

You could think of AC motor types as traditional motors, and you could think of DC motor types as newer technology. With DC motor types, you get better features like a soft stop and start and lowering the wear and tear on the motor and the door. You can even choose a DC motor type that includes a battery backup option. This keeps your opener running even if you have a power surge.

The Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

This door uses a chain to open and close the door. You will find that the chain drive garage door opener works with most garage doors. Not only that, but you can get a chain drive garage door opener to last for many years if you do routine maintenance on it, and you can buy these openers for entry-level price.

The Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

You may especially like the belt drive garage door opener when the garage attaches to the house. The belt drive operates at a quieter level because of how it emits less noise and produces less sound and vibration as the door opens and closes. You would look at the belt drive opener as a higher level than the chain drive garage door opener. You can buy these garage door openers at three levels of power.

The Screw Drive Garage Door Opener

Typically, this garage door opener works best when you have a larger garage. For example, you have a garage door that measures 14 feet. You might also use it for a one-piece garage door over 8 feet. The screw drive openers have an exclusive direct drive system, and they transfer the power from the motor without a need to use a gear reduction system. This becomes your only choice for bigger garages.

How to Get Your Garage Door Size and Weight

To learn the size and what of your garage door, you will need to contact Garage Door Star. This company can help you to learn the size and the weight of your garage door. You will also need to look at the rail sizes because of how a larger rail size will usually equate to greater power.

How to Get a Quieter Garage Door Opener

If you want a garage door that opens and closes more quietly, you should choose the belt drive garage door opener. Because of the steel enforced rubber belt, they open and close more quietly than some of the other choices. You get exceptionally smooth operation of the garage door compared to other choices.

Look at the Horsepower Rating

You can determine the horsepower rating of your garage door opener by looking at the HP rating. The rating ranges anywhere from 1/2 to 1 1/2 horsepower with the residential models. Commercial models tend to have more power because they need it for the weight of the garage door and the size. The advantage of having a garage door with higher horsepower is that you have a model that will get less wear and tear on it.

You have many components with garage door openers like remotes, an owner’s manual, a security light and a rail segment that guides the garage door. Choosing a garage door opener takes time, but if you’d like to learn more, you may want to speak to Garage Door Star. Operating out of Philadelphia, we have the knowledge and expertise to help. We can help you to learn what you need in your next garage door opener. You have a few signs that you need a new opener such as loud noise, failure to open, sluggish movement, old technology and a lack of dependability. Any one of these signs could indicate that you need to buy a new opener.

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