How To Fix a Noisy Garage Door

How To Fix a Noisy Garage Door

Garage doors are typically large and heavy, so they can be opened and closed quickly. However, due to its size, the door can produce a lot of noise when opening or closing. It can be caused by many different things like a garage door opener not functioning correctly, loose springs, debris on the tracks, or a bent way.

Fixing a noisy door is not difficult and can be accomplished in about an hour. Garage Door Star is a garage door service company that repairs all garage door issues.

Steps on How to Fix a Noisy Garage Door

Before fixing a noisy garage door, you must understand where the noise comes from. If it’s coming from the track, then there are different fixes than if it’s the opener. So check the hardware first. First of all, check to see if your way is loose.

The chances are good if you hear a rattle or clanging on opening/closing your garage door; loose rollers or a bent track could cause it. A garage door opener with a safety feature like rolling shutters will help prevent this

Adjust The Rollers

Rollers are the metal pieces by the door that guide the garage door up and down. There are two types of rollers: torsion rollers, which you need to adjust, and friction rollers, which cannot be changed.

These friction rollers can usually be twisted in place and can generally be fixed by lubricating them with a garage door lubricant. If your torsion rollers are loose or broken, your only other option is to buy new ones or have an expert adjust them.

Check The Springs

Garage door opener comprises two parts: the spring and the hardware. If your hardware is loose and you hear squeaking when opening the garage door, it could be caused by a broken garage door springs or malfunctioning spring.

If there is too much pressure on a broken spring, it can cause damage to your garage door opener. It requires immediate attention as a broken spring could damage your hardware further, causing much more expensive repairs in the future.

Clean The Tracks

The track is another component of your garage door opener. Along with the rollers, the way enables smooth opening and closing of your garage door. If you hear a grating sound when opening or closing your garage door, it’s most likely that your tracks are full of dirt and debris or perhaps wearing out.

Be sure to check the ways annually for any wear since this can be one of the leading causes of a noisy door.

How to Fix a Noisy Garage Door

The springs are the fiberglass cords that keep the door closed. These are typically made of steel and rubber. If you notice that your springs are loose, they could be broken, or they might just be worn out, which will need you to replace garage door spring.

Garage Door springs if you see that your garage door opener is making a noisy garage door when opening or closing the door, this could be caused by a broken spring which would require immediate attention.

Inspect The Garage Door Opener

The garage door opener is the small box mounted to your door. This box controls the movements of your garage door, moving it up and down, left and right, stopping, opening it up, and closing it.

Broken springs if you notice worn-out parts on your garage door opener, such as the rollers or torsion springs, this would require immediate attention because a broken or malfunctioning part could cause a noisy door. If you hear any excessive noise when opening or closing your garage door, this could be caused by wearing out rollers, broken springs, or worn-out parts.

Call a Professional

As with any major repair, a noisy door should never be attempted by yourself. If you need help fixing your noisy garage door and would instead save some money, please call Garage Door Star; they will fix the door and make sure it is functioning correctly without having to spend a lot of money.

They offer various services like replace garage door spring, garage door spring repair, garage door motor replacement, garage door opener repair, and much more.

Causes of a Noisy Door

It’s common for a garage door spring to wear out after many uses. Worn out springs may lead to a noisy door because they no longer provide the tension to keep it closed. When this happens, the springs usually cause scraping noises as they rub against the track.

Broken Springs

Broken springs may cause noises when the garage door is open and closed. It can be caused by a spring breaking or the springs rubbing against the track.

Worn Out Rollers

Rollers are the metal pieces mounted on each side of your garage door that guide it up and down. Over time, your noisy garage door is subjected to wear and tear, which can lead to broken rollers.

Bent Track

Bent track could be causing noise when rolling your garage door. It usually happens if the platform or channel isn’t mounted securely.

Worn Out Openers

The door opener can also cause a noisy door. As time goes by, the parts of a garage door opener can wear out and push the roller to make grinding noises. Other components that may become worn out are the chains and pulleys.


Moisture may get trapped between your garage door’s sealant, which may eventually make your garage door noise when opening or closing. It usually happens during dry winters when snow and ice melt.

Noisy garage door indicate something is out of place with your garage door. Damaged garage door can be fixed by properly maintaining your garage door. If the problem persists, consult a professional to fix your noisy garage door.

Garage Door Star is one of the best and most experienced companies that provide top notch services for all your residential and commercial door needs in Cherry Hill and Philadelphia. Contact them today for more information on their services.

New Garage Door Might Boost Home Value

New Garage Door Might Boost Home Value

If you’re wondering whether or not a new garage door will increase your home’s value, then the answer is likely to be yes. In most cases, garage door installations do boost the value of a house. Even though garage doors are physically very different from interior appliances, countertops, cabinets, and flooring, they share one similarity in how they’ve evolved from being something purely functional to being very fashionable. People looking to buy a home see nice garage doors in showcase homes, new constructions, and on TV, and they want their next home to meet the trends.

New Garage Door Might Boost Home Value

Generally speaking, a new door for your garage can boost your house value. However, knowing the specific reasons why can help you determine whether or not it would work in your circumstances.

Better Curb Appeal

A Lot of house hunting is done online, but people do look at the photos before they decide which homes they might drive by. In both cases, your curb appeal matters. Also, your garage door plays a huge role in your home’s curb appeal, whether someone is seeing it in a photo or with their own eyes.

Once a potential buyer comes for an actual visit, the garage door makes even more of an impact as they walk up your driveway or sidewalk. They want to see something that is maintained well and in great condition. However, they also want to see something that complements the rest of the house’s exterior aesthetic.

Consistent Operations

Garage doors can last for quite a few years, but they do start gradually getting worn down as they age. Prospective homeowners might not relish the idea of ongoing repairs and upkeep. The possibility of reliability can be a great selling point when you are marketing your home or your real estate agent is giving tours. A new door for your garage door star should also include a warranty for a set period of time after installation.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Any homeowner is going to be worried about energy efficiency. While the mortgage payment might be the biggest monthly bill, utilities can add up fast. A home that is more energy efficient will cost less to keep comfortable.

Garage doors with higher-caliber materials and more insulation layers will keep the indoor environment more consistent. What you want to look for here are known as R-values. The higher they are, the more effective the material is at insulation.

Cheaper for a Few Years

A new door for your garage won’t need as much maintenance, and repairs will likely be some time into the future. Even just putting off a new coat of paint can be a welcome idea for you or anyone who wants to buy your home.

Enhanced Security

Your garage is an entry point to your home. Thieves love to target homes that have older garage doors because the codes might be predictable. Some don’t even lock.

Newer garage doors might have modern technology that helps prevent intruders from breaking in. Rotating security codes, better locks, and stronger materials can all make entry harder to pull off for those not welcome in your home.

Safety Features

New garage door might have safety technology that your current one doesn’t. Eye sensors might detect people, pets, or objects underneath the door and stop the closing mechanism before someone gets killed or injured. You might even get access to an automatic reverse system with real-time alerts sent to your phone, so you know what’s going on in an instant.

Should You Actually Replace Your Garage Door?

Replacing your garage door can be a smart move if your existing garage door is damaged or just old. For most homes, the garage door is the primary focal point of the exterior of the home, so it impacts the overall look. If it’s outdated or dented, then your entire home might look worn down and have a lower value.

People looking to buy homes love to see things like a new roof or major upgrades for a very simple reason, and that’s the fact that they’re about to make one of the biggest purchases in their life. They would like to buy knowing they won’t have a major expense coming to hit them in the first few years of ownership. That’s why homes with renovations and updates sell so much better because they come with a certain peace of mind.

How Much Will It Cost You?

Installed garage door should have a positive impact on your house’s value, but it’s not always a sure thing. You need to consider several different factors that impact how much the garage door might cost you. Style is one of them. Standard panels, tilt-ups, and roll-ups are likely to be among the more economical options. However, carriage and French styles, walk-throughs, and glass roll-ups might cost significantly more.

Consult a local professional who handles garage door installations for a free quote on how much a fresh garage door installation might cost you. If you’re in the Philadelphia market, then Garage Door Star should be your first call. A real estate agent can possibly tell you how much return you can get on your investment in terms of more property value.

Key Takeaway

New door for your house’s garage can boost your property value if you’re looking to sell now or in the near future, and there are many reasons why this is the case.

Extension or Torsion Springs

Many homeowners sometimes take their automatic garage door for granted. They love this modern convenience and, as long as it opens and closes, all is good. If this sounds like you, you’re not alone! That’s why, when your garage door stops working, you want it fixed fast. At the first sign of a problem, you should call a garage door specialist immediately. Please don’t attempt to fix it yourself. Overhead door repairs are complex, and you can do more damage and even hurt yourself.

Garage Door Star is a garage doors company in Philadelphia, PA, and they specialize in garage door repair, maintenance, and replacement. Here are some things you should know when you hire a garage door specialist, so you’ll know what to expect. Let’s start with the topic of extension or torsion springs.

Garage Door Be Repaired

Garage doors are essential for the safety and security of your home. They can protect from hazards such as direct, overhead lighting or falling objects. A garage door is also a place where you can hide valuables such as your bike and pet. However, if you don’t take proper care of it and it’s not repaired correctly, it will break down over time and become a safety hazard. A garage door is a large and heavy object, so you want to ensure that it is correctly maintained by an expert if something goes wrong.

Garage Door Safety

Many people don’t give enough attention to garage door safety, but 20,000 to 30,000 injuries take place each year because of them. That should highlight the need for some awareness around safety. The garage door ranks as one of the most dangerous parts of the home. Some of the most common injuries include fingers or body parts getting caught under the door, the door getting lowered onto someone and injuries to those who repair the door. Let’s have a look at some safety tips that can save you from an injury.

Garage Door Repair Near Me

Your garage door is a crucial residential component that ensures the security of your vehicle and personal property. Since garage doors suffer frequent damage, garage door maintenance is inevitable. We have you covered if you search for garage door repair near me. We can help fix broken garage door springs, door openers, and a door that has slipped off its track. Continue reading to learn about garage door repair services.

Replace Your Garage Door

Replacing your garage door can be a smart move if your existing garage door is damaged or just old. For most homes, the garage door is the primary focal point of the exterior of the home, so it impacts the overall look. If it’s outdated or dented, then your entire home might look worn down and have a lower value.

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