If you think about it, your garage door most likely experiences a lot of use-opening and closing as you come and go. Especially an older home, you may have to replace your garage door. You have a few signs that show you that you need to replace your garage door. What reasons do homeowners give for replacing an old garage door? Some of the reasons that they replace their garage door include:

  • Increase the value of the home
  • To replace a malfunctioning door
  • Improving the energy efficiency
  • Getting better security
  • Storing items in the garage more safely
  • To upgrade the style of the home

Increase the Value of the Home

To replace the garage door of the home, you will usually see an incremental increase in home value of between $8,000 to $14,000 just for upgrading to a new garage door. That should highlight the value of this undertaking. In particular, you will see the greatest return on investment when you have an outdated garage door. The garage door, when done well, improves curb appeal, which gets buyers into your home to begin with.

Replace a Malfunctioning Door

Let’s say that you have a garage door that has even begun to malfunction. It’s an older garage door. You could call out the technician to repair the door, but you could see more benefits to replace your garage door altogether. Not only that, but a malfunctioning garage door can be extremely dangerous. Every year in the United States, 20,000 to 30,000 people get injured because of it.

Improve Energy Efficiency

When you have an attached garage to the home, you can improve energy efficiency with the installment of a new garage door. Older garage doors simply don’t have the same level of energy efficiency that you would get with the newer technologies. Air conditioning or heating in a garage space will have greater effectiveness when your garage door was made to hold in the energy. Always check the R-value of the garage door to determine how well it will keep the cooling and heating in the home. A higher R-value will mean that your home has better energy efficiency. That’s a good reason to replace your garage door.

Better Security

Unfortunately, older garage doors don’t have the same level of security as a new one. Newer garage doors will sometimes have smart technology on it, which can inform you if you left the garage door open or closed. In addition, they will usually include more advanced technology features for security, such as:

  • Remote lock out
  • Trolley release system
  • Advanced encrypted wireless technology

Storing Items in the Garage More Safely

With an older garage door, it may not be quite as safe for you to store the items in the garage. The materials could be rotting, which could lead to nature’s elements getting inside the garage. This can lead to problems where the water destroys some of your most prized possessions.

Upgrade Your Home’s Style

You can put style on your garage door so that it matches what the rest of your home looks like. In this way, too, you have made everything look fresh and new. As we said before, doing this can raise the value of your home price between $8,000 to $14,000. You may be on the lookout for a home improvement project that will enhance the style of your home. To do this, you might seek one that upgrades the home’s style and complements it. In this way, your home will look even better, and this can be what you need to bring in home buyers.

People have a lot of different reasons that they might want to replace an old garage door. As you can see, you have plenty of benefits that come with a replacement. If you’d like to learn more about getting a new garage door, please contact Garage Door Star. We do business in the greater Philadelphia area, and we would love the opportunity to prove our worth. You won’t regret it. We first opened shop in 2004, and we have happily kept our business running ever since with proud and helpful services to the community.

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